Affordable Holistic Practitioner
Affordable Holistic Practitioner
Affordable Holistic Practitioner

I offer a combination of natural healing methods that are done remotely or in person. These techniques are very effective alone, though even better when combined. The Emotion Code,  Energy Balancing By Numbers, and Advanced Cell Training (ACT) are a great trio to combat whatever ails you. After evaluating your completed health questionnaire, I will muscle test you as a proxy to determine which healing methods your body approves and in what sequence to use them. Prior to any session please be well hydrated to ensure an accurate muscle test result. Please have a magnet on hand as well. Sessions at a distance are just as effective as those conducted in person. Learn more >


Sessions are conducted by phone or in person. Outside the US sessions are done via Skype.



Adults / Children - Healing Sessions
$89 for 60 minutes

$199 for (3) 60-minute sessions

$295 for (5) 60-minute sessions

$575 for (10) 60-minute sessions

• Advanced Cell Training (ACT) codes are an additional

$10 per pack. You will receive an invoice after your session.


Muscle Testing Only

$29 for 20 minute Muscle Testing session

US Military Veterans with PTSD

(Complimentary 30 minute sessions)


•  Phone/Skype sessions require payment in advance.

•  Indicate that you want an in-office session.

•  Please give 24-hour notice for cancellations.

•  Same day cancellations are subject to a $25 fee.


$39 for 20 minutes
Our pets have emotions, too. Many rescue animals have PTSD from previous owners that neglected and/or abused them, and some animals have unexplained negative behaviors. These healing techniques can help eliminate your animal's troublesome behaviors and symptoms.


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Affordable Holistic Practitioner
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