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The Heart Wall

The Heart Wall



What is it that really draws us to a potential mate? Is it purely physical attraction, or is it personality, or maybe unspoken chemistry? Perhaps it’s something we are completely unaware of, something unseen, like vibration. After all, we each possess a distinct vibration, and more often than not, we are attracted to those with a similar vibrational frequency. 

My high school sweetheart was a cheerleader and I was on the football team. That sounds like the perfect superficial match, right? What I didn’t realize until years later is that the real reason we were so drawn to each other was due to a very familiar and shared pain. Why were we vibrating at such a similar frequency? We were both children of alcoholic fathers. We lived a childhood of walking on eggshells, in constant fight or flight mode, and fearful of unpredictable fathers and never-ending chaos at home.


Attracted to each other through a mutual pain.

We also shared something else in common, a heart wall. Experts say that about 93% of people have a heart wall. A heart wall is built by the subconscious mind after you’ve been hurt in order to protect you from being hurt again. It is made from bits and pieces of negative energies from past unhealed traumas. Yes, there can be trapped emotions in your body, often hundreds of them.


Your subconscious uses these emotions as brick and mortar to construct that energetic force field around your heart. A heart wall can be responsible for pushing away the right partners and attracting the wrong ones over and over. Have you ever experienced that pattern and continue to have failed relationships? That's not merely coincidental.


Often we subconsciously attract mates that we feel we deserve rather than those we consciously desire. The partner that you could find true love and happiness with could be perceived as a threat to your heart and therefore pushed aside for someone that is safe. This type of self-sabotage is exactly what happens when you have a heart wall. That fear of having your heart broken can prevent you from finding the true love you long for.


What disturbs me the most about the heart wall is that it prohibits the pure love in our hearts from being felt by those we love. Our feelings of love must pass through layers of negative emotions like anger, resentment, shame, sorrow, abandonment, and fear before they are felt by our loved ones. Picture a white horse crossing a muddy river. What will it look like when it reaches the other side?

A heart wall can also block success, prosperity, and personal opportunities in life. For many, it can cause or contribute to diseases or chronic conditions, and even prevent you from healing.


So, how can you get rid of a heart wall if you have one? 

Through muscle testing (applied kinesiology) and energy work, the heart wall can be removed just the way it was formed, one trapped emotion at a time. Once the heart wall is gone now you can give and receive love properly. You’ll start attracting people that have a higher vibration and better suited for you. Your love no longer has to pass through layers of negative energy to be felt by someone you love. You will be able to feel and express positive emotions better. Many people also report feeling more peace, joy, and happiness than ever before.


When you heal your heart and mind your body will follow. This is why many people experience pain reduction and relief from other physical symptoms within days or even minutes after the release of the heart wall.


After two people are finally void of their heart walls they will experience love at a higher level. Relationships become more peaceful and enjoyable. You can now feel each other's pure love, just as God intended.  

The Heart Wall

"I now feel safe inside deeply in my body, heart, and mind. I also feel comfortable in crowds. The deep sadness, anger, and confusion I felt my whole life is gone. Gone gone gone....thank you from the bottom of my (now heart-wall free) heart!"   - Lalonnie

"My son was diagnosed as being clinically depressed at only nine years old. Nothing was helping him... If skepticism had kept me away from this type of treatment, I would still be parenting a very sad and frustrated little boy with no solution in sight. Instead, I have found a treatment that has literally saved him. Thank you!!"   - Connie J.​

"As I reflect back on the time after my Heart-Wall cleared, I realize things weren’t the same. I began to open myself to the idea of having someone in my life “to have and to hold” and to care for as he would care for me. It happened on the feeling level. Finding someone to share my life with just felt like the next step. There was a new readiness that I hadn’t felt before. It must have been the removal of that invisible wall – that I had not even known was there – that allowed me to let this wonderful man in. So for all of you who think women cannot marry after “a certain age,” get your Heart-Wall cleared, stay open to the possibilities life has to offer and remember my story. We are now approaching our 5th anniversary, have just moved into our new home on the California Coast overlooking the ocean and Catalina Island and are living the fairy tale." Thank you, Dr. Nelson.   - Lynn R., California

By Paul Callahan
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