"I cannot express my gratitude enough for Paul Callahan and the work he does. I have seen miraculous things happen in my life since I started working with him. I have had several symptoms greatly improve and/or completely disappear, and I have newfound peace in my life. God surely gave Paul some special gifts to help people heal."

- Liz Kneel


The Wellness Codes testimonials
The Wellness Codes testimonials

"Diagnosed with Lyme disease 12 years ago I tried everything to get well. I went to some of the best-known alternative clinics as well as IV antibiotics and numerous supplements spending hundreds of dollars a month. After a difficult divorce, I hit rock bottom and knew I no longer had the money to do what I had been doing and knew deep in my gut I was missing something. So, I started working with Paul and after one session I noticed a shift. And after a few months, I was having more and more good days. Now a year later I no longer spend my days on the couch or in bed 24/7. I started volunteering at my son’s high school 3 hours a week and now I just got a job offer to work 30 hours a week for a law firm. Now I want to be honest and say I still have some symptoms and I still have some bad days but I am now living life. I get excited to have my session with Paul because I consistently see results. I have finally found something that is healing me and that is because Paul has helped my subconscious mind heal past trauma and thoughts I didn’t know I was holding onto."


- Debby Rodriguez


"I highly recommend Paul Callahan at The Wellness Codes if you have health problems or just not feeling your best! I am a registered nurse and I wish I would have known about his work years ago. He is working with a number of my family members on multiple issues like Allergies, Lyme disease, MS, Pain, and Depression. He also helps clear trapped emotions you have buried or inherited. We have been to multiple doctors in the last 5 years and were seeing little if any improvements. I’m blown away by the success we have had in the short time we have been working with him. He is always willing to answer the questions I have which has helped a lot! I'm excited to see where we will be in a couple of months. He has renewed my hope and I feel blessed to be working with him!"

- Amy McConihe, RN


The Wellness Codes testimonials
The Wellness Codes testimonials

"I have been on a healing journey for many years before I learned about emotional healing and was referred to Paul Callahan.  I am not only experiencing miraculous changes in my health now (my doctor's quote as she read my blood work results to me “it’s like you are a different person”!) but also a feeling of being more in alignment with my inner consciousness and spirituality. Paul has also been working with my 91-year-old father who has had troubled with insomnia for over 20 years. After having trapped emotions released and removing his heart wall, he is now sleeping 6-8 hours each night. We are both so grateful to Paul for sharing his wisdom and amazing intuitive gifts."

- Paula Santos

  Rhode Island


"I had the pleasure of attending a session with Paul while in the USA. I was really impressed by his accuracy right down to the exact emotions I was experiencing during very challenging and specific times in my life. After one session with Paul, I felt much lighter. Symptoms reduced and a wonderful feeling of empowerment returned. I look forward to having more sessions all the way from Australia."

- Karla Williams

  Brisbane, Australia

The Wellness Codes testimonials
The Wellness Codes testimonials

"I recently recovered from chronic Lyme Disease. In the same month, my best friend committed suicide, I was in a situation that I had to move, and I started a job that I hated and quit, leaving me with little money. The symptoms of Lyme Disease came back and I was so depressed and felt hopeless. One session with Paul and the symptoms are gone and the depression and feelings of hopelessness are gone. It wasn't Lyme, it was trapped emotions that my body was responding to physically. I'm looking forward to working on even more!"

- Lindsay Spencer


"I worked with Paul (The Wellness Codes) a couple of months ago. We worked to remove my heart wall and then released some trapped negative emotions as well. After each session, I felt lighter and more in alignment. One of the things I have been seeking is a partnership, which I have recently entered into. I would definitely recommend Paul and his company!"

- Stephanie Stanley


The Wellness Codes testimonials
The Wellness Codes testimonials
Lisa Elbag.jpg


"Paul has been involved in healing for a long time. He knows what he is doing... and this is why I trust him. I did ONE SESSION and discovered a "root cause" issue that had been problematic for my entire life. Paul was able to help me clear and resolve this stuck emotion - in minutes. Don't wait for life to kick you in the pants, step into healing and address the BIG ISSUES - underlying emotional baggage. I give Paul my highest recommendation!"


- Matthew Hurtado


"Paul is an intuitive, thoughtful healer who makes you feel comfortable even when exploring some of the really hard, emotional parts of healing. I felt safe working with him. Thank you for all you are doing, Paul! The world needs more energy and kindness like the kind you share with others."

                                                                                        - Alyssa Knapp
                                                                                          North Carolina

"Paul is always one of my go-to people and with him now doing this remarkable work, he has strengthened my faith in what is possible. My son and I have both had sessions with Paul for several symptoms, whether emotional or physical. We both have achieved results through his sessions and I look forward to continuing our work in the future. Paul is just as kind-hearted and genuine in his work as he is intuitive. He has a true gift for helping others heal and an all-around amazing soul."


- Jennifer Ciechon

   New Hampshire

"What Paul does is so amazing. For 20 years I had insane pain in my hips. When I say I tried pretty much everything, I really had. Well, guess what? 3 days after one of my sessions with Paul my hips no longer hurt. In 20 years I never even had a few hours of relief and now it's gone! My whole family is working with him. Paul is very compassionate and a true healer."


- Jaime Mason


"The healing techniques utilized by Paul at The Wellness Codes are simple, thorough, and very effective. The root cause of an illness or troubling condition can be accurately identified and cleared, both physically and emotionally. And Paul, as a practitioner, is wonderful. He's very knowledgeable, compassionate, and skilled. I have been greatly encouraged by my sessions. Conditions like CFS, migraines, and MS, among other things, have been addressed and alleviated. I highly recommend that anyone looking for relief at the root cause of an issue should contact Paul."


- Jeanette Rayner

Rhode Island

"My sessions with Paul Callahan revealed some really incredibly deep emotions that had been long buried! We found answers to many of the things that had been weighing me down my entire life. Since those sessions, there have been many improvements to physical symptoms. I appreciate Paul’s expertise and professional approach but he does it all with genuine kindness and empathy."
- Lisa Elbag

Jeanette Rayner.jpg
Jen Antoniou.jpg

"The health benefits I have experienced while working with Paul Callahan have been absolutely amazing. I have been recommending him to my family and friends, and they are pleased as well. The sense of well-being I am experiencing now has increased substantially with each session. Even in between sessions I find I continue improving. I wish I had originally started with the package with the most sessions, and I will next time. Working with Paul is so worth the commitment of time and the investment into my health and vitality. Thank you, Paul. I’m so very grateful!"

- Jennifer Antoniou



 "I can both hands up recommend Paul Callahan to anyone who has tried everything under the sun to get back their health/life/finances/you name it - and nothing has worked (or has just moderately worked). He has such compassion and kindness I have not come across with any other therapist before. I have looked for answers for over 13 years - and I am so grateful to come across this amazing human for helping me getting my health/life back."

- Marion Kase

  Tallinn, Estonia 

"After my last session with Paul Callahan and I felt a sense of relief like 1,000 pounds was lifted out of my heart! Paul digs deep to find the issues that are preventing us from being well. It sounds so simple but it takes a very special person to do this kind of work. And Paul is that special person. I was on the phone with my sister today and she said I sound happy! I haven’t heard that in many years. And it took less than 24 hours!"


- Marie Lombardo



Marie Lombardo.jpg
Thaia Dorow.jpg
Maxim Uskov.jpg

"My experience with The Wellness Codes started when Paul Callahan was invited to my Master's class at Cambridge College to present to us about his work and how it is done. (Video of the presentation is available here). His presentation really caught my eye, so I reached out after and began sessions with him. To say that they have been life-changing is an understatement. When I started, my heart wall was strong. Today, after sessions with Paul I have no heart wall. I genuinely feel lighter and happier. I am so grateful for the positive changes that have come into my life after removing my heart wall."

- Maxim Uskov


"The Wellness Codes has helped my entire family, even our 6-year-old Australian Shepherd, "Ruby." She suddenly started to get very clingy with me. She wanted to be with me constantly and would not even go on walks or pay attention to other family members or our other dog, Rheo. She was very depressed if I was away and she was not eating well either. We did a session with Paul Callahan and he was able to find out the problem. He found negative emotions were surfacing causing Ruby to feel very insecure. Paul said since I am the Mama of the family, Ruby was seeking security with me. This made so much sense! Paul was able to uncover and remove these negative energies from Ruby. In a matter of days, we saw huge changes! Ruby is now so happy and playful all the time. She is eager to take walks with other family members and was playing with Reo. She is eating better, too. Ruby continues to be very happy, energetic, and full of life. Everyone has noticed the difference in her. We are so grateful for Paul’s gift of healing that he shares with people AND our four-legged family members."

- Bev Holland & Ruby



"If I could, I would give Paul Callahan a 100-star review! I had been dealing with a terrible sleep disorder. My medical doctor could not help me at all. I saw many different alternative health practitioners and they couldn't help either. When a friend recommended Paul and The Wellness Codes, I was skeptical. No one else could help me, why would this help me? But I was desperate so I gave his practice a try. Very quickly my sleep improved! The biggest side benefit that I experienced was drastically reduced anxiety! My sleep has improved so much and so has my self-confidence! I am truly grateful to Paul and The Wellness Codes!"


Pat Curtis

New Hampshire

Patty Curtis.jpg

"I’ve done a number of emotional sessions with Paul and the difference is night and day. My symptoms of Lyme Disease are going down. This was the missing link for me. It helped me find that I had a resistance to healing due to trapped emotional energies. Now, things are speeding up for my healing. I also scheduled a session for my kitty cat Hermoine. We got her from a shelter and she came to us with a lot of anxiety. It took her a while to warm up to us. When she finally was comfortable enough to cuddle with me she still did not want to get close to my face. After one session with Paul, she is up close and gives me this cute love stare, lol. We’ve also noticed she doesn’t have as much anxiety being around the other pets. I am happy she is starting to feel more a part of the family. Thank you, Paul, for this special gift of healing." 


- Melanie Love & Hermoine


"I love my sessions with Paul. He tapped into some emotions that revealed a situation I had forgotten about! I was in awe that he was able to pinpoint some moments. With the release of the related emotions, I did feel certain symptoms decrease. I can’t wait to continue this work."

- Thaia Dorow

New Hampshire

"I have been to a variety of good healers but Paul Callahan really stands out as one of the best! Paul works as a detective to uncover what the root causes of your ailments are and offers simple solutions to get you feeling tip-top in no time! I highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to feel their very best and free themselves from old emotional gunk stuck in your body."

- Carrie Rowan


"Paul has a calming gentle way to get to the heart of the matter. I was surprised by the emotions coming up and they all seemed to be in the same category. Interestingly, some emotions were passed through my DNA. I don't need those to hold me back! I was exhausted for a few days after my session but then bounced back! I highly recommend Paul Callahan and his intuitive approach to healing. Emotional healing is just as important as physical healing."

- Lizzy White

Nova Scotia, Canada

"Utilizing energy and vibration along with a brilliant roadmap and muscle testing, Paul guided my first session with him seamlessly to tap into my subconscious mind, to read the story of my body, and to help release trapped emotions from different moments of trauma in my life. In the days following the session, I noticed that I was experiencing a powerful clearing both physically and energetically. Paul's warm heart and capable guidance can help you move toward wholeness and healing too!"

- Joan Schnitzer


"Paul has a well-tuned gift and gives all the credit to God as being the ultimate Healer. Paul has helped our family fully understand the emotional component of healing chronic illness, which is often left out of the equation with Western medicine. His healing techniques helped relieve physical pain, hormone imbalance, mood swings, and the list goes on. I especially recommend him to people who are not getting results with conventional medicine and feel hopeless. You will feel hope return as you see results working with him!"

- Chanda Williams

New Jersey

"Paul Callahan is a master of energetic healing. I’m grateful for his work with me with Emotion Codes, Energy Balancing By Numbers, and Advanced Cell Training (ACT) codes. I highly recommend Paul to anyone that is in need of emotional or physical healing."  

- Susan Michelson

  New Hampshire

"Paul is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable and helps you get out of your head when he cracks a corny joke or two!! I highly recommend him!"

- Courtney Leopold

New Jersey

"I can’t say enough good things about Paul. He is caring and compassionate and takes the time to listen. I recommend him highly to anyone who is suffering from an issue that they can’t figure out."


- Catherine A.