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The Wellness Codes - THREE Powerful Healing Methods 

The Emotion Code

Step 1 – The practitioner will identify any hidden negative energies or trapped emotions from past traumas that are stored in the body and causing physical pain and other symptoms such as arthritis, migraines, anxiety, and depression. This is done through muscle testing (applied kinesiology) or dowsing and can be done in person or just as easily from a distance.

Step 2 - Release the trapped emotions from the body. This is accomplished through your intent and the use of a magnet. You will be instructed on where to place the magnet on your body to remove these stored negative energies. Each emotion will be released one at a time. There can also be prenatal emotions that were picked up in utero and even inherited emotions from ancestors can be found in the DNA.

Step 3 – Using the muscle test the practitioner will confirm that the trapped emotion has been released. You will also be checked to see if you have a Heart-Wall. This is a strong energy field around your heart formed by your subconscious mind to protect you from being hurt. This is where self-sabotage comes from. It can prevent you from giving and receiving love properly. The heart-wall can push away the right people in life and attract the wrong people. It can also prevent you from healing and stop you from being whom God created to be. Read Heart-Wall article

Energy Balancing By Numbers

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy frequencies in the body.”

- Dr. William Tiller, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Our cells use vibrational energy to communicate with every system of our body. Energy Balancing By Numbers supplies the source frequencies necessary to bring the body back into proper balance. Our bodies are pure energy. To maintain good health our vibrational energy has to be in harmony with our autonomic systems.

Through muscle testing or dowsing, we can check to see what frequencies your body is missing or has been corrupted. There are thousands of numerical sequences that can be utilized by the body to return itself to a state of homeostasis and allow the body to heal itself naturally.

There are three ways to install these numbers to your body. You can choose one or do all three.

  1. Read the numbers repetitively ( 7 times ) several times each day for at least 3 weeks.

  2. Write the numbers on paper and apply them to your left wrist or ankle for 3 weeks or longer. We take in energy on our left side and exhaust it on our right side.

  3. Tape the numbers to the outside of a water bottle (52 oz bottle or more is recommended). Make sure the numbers are facing the water. Let the water sit for at least 8 hours to charge and then drink the water, refill and repeat daily for at least 6 weeks.

THREE Powerful Healing Methods
THREE Powerful Healing Methods

Video Instructions

Advanced Cell Training (ACT)

Advanced Cell Training (ACT) is a cellular behavior modification program. This simple and non-invasive healing process can be done from home by phone and on the internet. There are no pills, herbs, supplements, or machines involved. We have all trained ourselves to do things such as ride a bicycle, dance, and play a sport or musical instrument. This is accomplished through focus, intent, and practice. It's called muscle memory, though it is really the cells that retain the information. ACT uses the same premise and applies it to the autonomic systems of the body, like the immune, digestive, elimination, and respiratory systems. Our goal is to help sick people train their bodies in a structured mechanical pattern to function like those people who don't get sick. Restoring proper bodily function at the cellular level can restore homeostasis. That is when the body is back in balance and processes stress, removes toxins, kills viruses, bacteria, parasites and stops overreacting to allergens, and nourishes and protects itself; restored health is a likely result. ACT Instructions Click Here.

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