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Advanced Cell Training Practitioner



The objective of the Advanced Cell Training codes is to raise awareness in your body as to the source of cellular misbehaviors and guide your body to correct itself.


  1.  Read the top 3 lines of your front cover sheet. Next, read or scan your codes with your eyes. You don’t have to read them out loud. You are using your eye as a scanner. Please watch the video above, "Reading Codes."

  2.  After you finish reading your training codes, listen to the ACT Music for 1 hour. See music video #3 above. This can be played as background music. You can work, talk on the phone, and even sleep while the music plays.

  3.  When the music ends, take a deep breath - and let it out. Now hold your breath while rubbing your heart clockwise in a circular motion 7 times, then breathe. Next pray, "God please restore everything to your intended design. Thank you"

  4.  You have 20 hours to listen to the music again for 1 more hour. Then you should clinically observe your symptoms in the next 24 to 48 hours. You may have a mild healing crisis, called a “Herx”, where you may find a mild worsening of symptoms. Some people experience a reduction of symptoms without the herx effect.

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