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Energy Balancing By Numbers

Balancing By Numbers founder, Lloyd Mear, says that we are born with over 1.2 million frequencies in our body. They are present to protect us from things in our environment, like toxins and pathogens. Though sometimes people are born missing frequencies or they get distorted along the way. This in turn could leave us vulnerable to exposures. So, the theory is, if we can identify the missing frequencies through muscle testing or dowsing, and replenish them, then we can balance out that part of our body. When you restore homeostasis the body can heal itself, naturally.

Energy Balancing By Numbers frequencies is easy to apply to your body. You can choose to read them, wear them or drink them. Allow me to explain. Each frequency has a series of numbers representing the intention of the frequency. For example, the frequency for Eliminate Indigestion is 78466842679. To absorb that frequency number to your body you can read it 7 times at 5 times each day for a number of weeks. Another way is to write the numbers on paper and put them on the inside of your left wrist or ankle using a wristband or patch bandaid. You must place the numbers on the inside of the wrist or ankle. The top of the wrist or outside ankle is the polar opposite energy and will not work.

You can also choose to place the numbers on the outside of a water bottle with the numbers facing into the water. Let it sit for at least 8 hours. This charges the water homeopathically with the frequencies. Next, you drink, refill, and repeat daily. Some frequencies take longer than others to fully absorb into your body, so be sure to have me muscle test you to make sure before you stop.

Energy Balancing By Numbers
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