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Could a Holistic Health Detective solve your chronic illness?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

By Sara Gordon | Independent Journalist

Healing is about more than taking endless tablets to suppress symptoms and hoping for years of pain to disappear. Sometimes with chronic illness, you can be left feeling that there is no way out, but there are types of alternative medicine and therapies that can help you get back to living your best life. You just need to call in the holistic health detective.

Traditional medicine doesn’t have all the answers and when it comes to chronic illnesses, your pain could be a symptom of trapped emotions, poor cellular behavior, and imbalanced frequencies.

Paul Callahan should know. For many years he suffered from poor health, with Lyme disease and severe allergies just two of the chronic illnesses he tried everything to manage. It wasn’t until he took a more holistic approach to health that he finally succeeded in clearing all his ailments, finding a new calling in the process.

Today, Paul is a certified holistic health and healing practitioner who has spent decades using these energy-led clues to solve the body’s greatest mysteries.

He has worked with patients suffering from chronic pain, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, undiagnosed illnesses, and many other ailments. His unique approach is down to a blend of four distinct healing styles: Advanced Cell Training, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Energy Balancing by Numbers, to get to the root of each problem. Through these methods, Paul can link physical issues to emotional blockages or negative behavior at a cellular level, often eliminating symptoms completely.

For those who have spent years struggling without relief, turning to a holistic health and healing detective offers a new kind of hope. When it comes to the extraordinary results Paul has achieved with clients, he simply says: “I don't just believe in miracles - I have come to expect them.”

So what makes him a health detective? And can he help you? A session with Paul begins with applied kinesiology, using a muscle test to find weaknesses in the body and tap into its natural intelligence. He can perform this test in-person, through video chat, or even over the phone, it is his way of getting to the root cause of your symptoms and illness – identifying clues that can help him tailor a solution for each person.

For phone sessions, he’ll use a photograph of the patient and the sound of their voice to zero in on their unique frequency. He can muscle test himself by proxy, getting answers to yes or no questions, depending on his physical response. He can also use a dowsing rod to conduct this initial test, assessing the body’s answers through the rod’s movements. These sessions help him tap into the patient’s subconscious mind, revealing answers they do not have conscious access to.

On choosing a holistic approach to health, Paul says: "Doctors typically treat the body by suppressing symptoms with prescription drugs. In my opinion, it's best to reveal the emotional root causes of the symptoms first. Once you heal your mind and heart, your body will follow."

His answer is clear, holistic health and well-being go hand-in-hand. With 10 years spent as the clinic director at Advanced Cell Training, before setting up his own practice at The Wellness Codes, Paul has worked with patients all over the world, using his unique approach to pinpoint emotional trauma and release blockages. Patients are amazed to report more improvement than they’ve ever felt before from medicines or traditional therapies.

The first healing style Paul uses is Advanced Cell Training. Through this practice, he takes a look at the body’s negative responses to certain triggers. Rather than avoiding or suppressing those triggers, he helps patients train their bodies to modify behavior at the cellular level.

Emotion Code methods are where the muscle tests come in. By tapping into the body’s subconscious intelligence, he can pinpoint the emotions stored in a patient’s body, as well as where and when they originated. Emotion Code and Body Code work together to uncover clues in the body, pinpoint the source behind the symptoms, and release blockages once and for all.

Energy Balancing by Numbers is a practice developed by Lloyd and Phyllis Mear that converts energetic frequencies into unique numerical sequences. Callahan uses the frequencies associated with a patient's ailments to help them restore imbalances in their energetic bodies.

These healing styles come together to form Paul’s holistic approach to health. He uses the clues he picks up through each practice to trace the potential causes of chronic illness and carefully unlocks the solution, solving the issue from the very depths of the subconscious.

He helps clients develop the intention necessary to release the emotion and, by combining intent with magnetic force, he draws negative energies out to release blockages one by one, freeing patients of their symptoms in the process.

Being dubbed a holistic health detective is just one part of the story. Through his decades working as a healer, Paul has come to be valued and appreciated by his many patients from across the globe who realize that holistic health and wellness are intertwined. It is about more than just repressing symptoms with medicine, real results come from getting to the root cause of the condition.

His patients tell of Lyme disease symptoms that have disappeared, of chronic pain that has eased after decades, and an alleviation – both emotional and physical – after just one session with him.

Amy McConihe, from Ohio, says: “I am a registered nurse and I wish I would have known about his work years ago.” She now has various members of her family working with Paul to overcome their illnesses.

Marie Lombardo, from Massachusetts, echoes the same sentiment, explaining: “I had my first session with Paul and I felt a sense of relief like 1,000 pounds was lifted out of my heart!”

Paul’s holistic approach to health is the method people need when they have been let down by the limits of modern medicine. If you’ve been struggling with chronic health problems and ailments, perhaps it is time to turn to the holistic health detective.

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